Something comforting, besides everything on our website, is to know that most people have the same reaction to menus. They never know what to order from it. The same goes for a Pillow Menu. It takes a while to know exactly which pillow is perfect for you, especially if you don’t even know what is on the menu at all!

To put it simply, that’s not good. A pillow’s a very significant part of your life. You depend on it for support, hugs, and the perfect rest! The wrong pillow can cause a whole lot of pain, for you and your neck.

We can help. Let’s get into some pillow talk and take a look at everything it has got to offer:-

Slim Pillow

When you pick up a pillow and feel like it’s just way too fluffy and tall for comfort is why a Slim Pillow exists. Made to help you feel closer to your mattress and to replace the option of no pillow at all, the Slim Pillow offers you and your back some gentle support, without elevating it too much.

Who is it for?

If you’re a front sleeper or a back sleeper, the Slim Pillow’s going to help you keep your spine aligned.

Cuddle Pillows

Also known as a pregnancy body pillow, a good old-fashioned cuddle can help you find your happy hormones and drift off to good sleep. A huge, full-body pillow, Cuddle Pillow helps you curl up in bed while feeling supported and making sure your spine’s aligned all night long. Who is it for?

Huge body pillows are perfect for pregnant women. It gives them the support they need while they curl up to it, while also giving them love.

Microfibre Pillows

For the softies, who love a pillow for its squishability, a Microfibre is perfect. Filled with Microfibre fill, a pillow like this is fluffy and easy to sink into. If what you look for in a pillow, is softness more than support, then this one’s for you.

Who is it for?

Anyone who’d love to end their day with a pocket full of softness to sink into should use a Microfibre Pillow. With the Cloud Pillow, that’s got adjustable levels of softness, you get to choose your comfort.

Memory Foam Pillows

These aren’t a mystery to many because Memory foam Pillows are widely loved. The inherent nature of open-cell memory foam is to contour and cradle your head while giving it the support that’s needed. Often on the firmer side, Memory foam Pillows do the job of keeping your neck and spine aligned, and in position so you wake up tension-free (especially in your muscles)

Who is it for?

Memory foam pillows are perfect for side sleepers, especially those who like their pillows firmer, not softer.

Hybrid Pillows

You’ve got soft Microfibre Pillows, and you’ve got firm Memory foam pillows. Right down in the middle, are Hybrid Pillows! With memory foam inserted and sandwiched right in between soft Microfibre fill, Hybrid Pillows are for those who like the best of both worlds.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a soft but firm pillow, this one is for you.

Contour Pillows

Made for the upper part of your backbone near your neck (the cervical spine), Contour Pillows help your neck stretch a little bit and fully relax, for a better night’s sleep. With this much-needed stretch, the pillow can help you open airways and reduce snoring. With a dual-height option – a high loft for back sleepers & low loft for side sleepers, you can choose how you’d like to be supported with this pillow.

Who is it for?

If you’ve got neck pain, that’s making your day difficult, you should give a Contour Pillow a shot.

At the end of a long day, when you lie down, your pillow’s going to be there for you — for relief, support, and to help you rest. The right one (or the wrong one) can make all the difference.

So, what are you ordering off of the Pillow Menu?